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We can handle all your automotive locksmith needs including cutting new keys (top) for your car, truck, and van, and programming new key fobs (bottom).

Lockmaster Security Services is a professional car locksmith in the North Las Vegas area. We offer all kinds of auto locksmith services, from simple lockout service to new installation and repairs. We stock new hardware and accessories, and we can work with just about all of the car lock systems on the market today, including keyless entry systems, chipped keys and car key fobs. We’re conveniently located on N. Rancho Dr., in northern Las Vegas, and we offer mobile car locksmith service throughout the area seven days a week.

Car, Van, and Truck Locksmith Service

Drivers in Las Vegas need an experienced auto locksmith for all sorts of reasons. One of the most common is an accidental lockout. For most of the people we help with this, it’s a relatively simple job to non-destructively pop a door lock and give you access to the car without damaging the door or the windows. We can also help you get into a locked trunk or open locked car accessories, like a glove compartment or toolbox in the bed of your truck.

Sometimes, people need help with a wireless key fob or other remote entry system. The certified and experienced car locksmiths at Lockmaster Security Services can repair or replace your chipped, wireless or programmable car keys quickly and reliably. We provide key cloning services, cut replacement car keys and can set you up with a new transponder key if you need one. We can also repair, replace or rekey car locks after a break-in or when a key goes missing. We’re even experienced with car ignition repair, in case there’s a problem getting your car to start when you turn the key.

Office and Mobile Car Locksmith Service

When you drop by our main location on N. Rancho Dr., we’re happy to help you any way we can. We have the trained people and cutting-edge equipment on hand to quickly cut you a duplicate set of keys or repair, reprogram or just replace the battery in your key fob. We can head out to the parking lot with you and replace or rekey the locks on your car while you wait. Our mobile vans even provide service seven days a week to wherever you need a car locksmith in the Las Vegas area.

Your Car Locksmith in Las Vegas


We can decode your lock to make keys fast.

Lockmaster Security Services provides expert automotive locksmith services to people all over the Las Vegas area. All our locksmiths are trained and experienced with every common type of car lock, from the doors to the ignition to the trunk, and we guarantee your satisfaction with the work that we do for you. We are licensed, bonded, registered and fully insured, so you can call us with the peace of mind that comes from trusting the pros with a highly technical job on the car that you need for everyday use. Whether you have a routine request for a duplicate car key, or you’re locked out of your car and it’s an emergency, give us a call today at (702) 647- 5625, for a quick appointment and honest price quote for your car locksmith services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Automotive Locksmith Services

Can Lockmaster duplicate my older classic car keys?

Yes, Lockmaster Security Services carries old school and antique key blanks in stock at our walk-in lock shop in Las Vegas. Not only that, but we are also able to work on older vehicle ignitions, door locks, glove box locks, and trunk locks as well. Call us today at 702-647-5625 to find out if we can make keys to your vehicle.

I bought my key fob online, will Lockmaster cut and program my keys, and what are the risks?

Yes, we can, and we are happy to do our best to cut and program your keys. Not all Las Vegas car locksmiths are willing to touch car keys that customers buy online. Unfortunately, we do see a lot of customers that buy cheap car keys online and when we try to program the key, it does not work. So, please keep in mind that we cannot warranty products that we do not sell. When the transponder key or remote does not program, this can be frustrating for everyone involved. On top of that, we have fixed costs so minimum charges do apply, even if it does not work. However, if you buy your car key from Lockmaster, we will guarantee and warranty the product which means it is a lot less expensive and frustrating when we provide you with the part and key fob programming service. Please call us today for a free quote. We carry many OEM original keys and fobs which we are able to warranty. If for any reason our part does not work, you will not be charged.

My keys were stolen or lost, can I change the physical keys on my vehicle or rekey my car locks?

Yes, we offer auto lock rekeying in the shop by appointment. This means that the old key will no longer work your car door locks. Please call our office at 702-647-5625 and let us know the Year, Make and Model of your car. Once we know this information, we will be able to quote you a firm price for this service, so there are no pricing surprises.

Can Lockmaster repair my vehicles key fob?

Repairing key fobs is something we are very good at doing. Our professional automotive locksmiths are able to troubleshoot and repair most problems with fobs. Typical problems we see are cracked remote shells, bent keys, missing buttons, or the remote just stopped working. If, after inspecting your key fob, we determine it cannot be repaired, we will quote a fair and firm price for the replacement. Of course, we always warranty our products.

Can I get replacement keys for the toolboxes on my truck?

Yes, we can make duplicate keys or replacement keys for most toolbox locks, even if it is currently locked. Feel free to visit our shop or have us come to you with our mobile locksmith services in Las Vegas. If your toolbox lock is broken, we can even install a new lock and provide you with as many duplicate keys that you need. Everyone at Lockmaster looks forward to helping you.
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