High-Security Locks

Looking for High-Security Locks in Las Vegas, NV?

Having the right security for your home or business is vital in today’s world. Not only do you need to keep your loved ones safe, but you must also protect your investments and inventory. When you need local locksmith services for your home, car, or business in Las Vegas, trust the professional locksmiths at Lockmaster Security Services.

What Are High-Security Locks?

High-security Schlage Primus lock and keys

We can replace your existing deadbolt with a high-security Schalge Primus lock.

High-security locks provide much higher resistance to being compromised. But be careful when shopping; many companies will call a product “high-security” without meeting the safety rating requirements. A good high-security lock will make it too costly or take too long to break into to appeal to a criminal. Some characteristics of a high-security lock are:

  • Key Control
  • Restrictive Keyways
  • Forced Entry Resistance
  • Manipulation Resistance

We install the best brands of high-security locks, including:

  • Assa Twin
  • Lori Restricted Keyway
  • Schlage Primus

Benefits of Choosing a Professional Locksmith

The security of your home or business depends on the quality of both the products you have installed and the installers themselves. When you opt for a professional locksmith that is certified and insured, you get peace of mind in return.

  • Honest Pricing
  • Guaranteed Service
  • Fast, Efficient Work

Lockmaster Security Services Offers So Many Ways to Keep You Safe

There are as many door locking solutions as there are different levels of security. The first step to having good security is to choose the right door hardware and locking system to fit your needs. It’s important to first acquaint yourself with the differences before shopping. At Lockmaster Security Services, we can help you choose the perfect lock for even your most prized possessions.

commercial-grade keypad lock

Installing high-security commercial-grade keypad locks will add an extra layer of security to your business or commercial property.

Types of Locks We Install:

  • Security Locks
  • Keypad Lock
  • Electronic Locks
  • Pushbutton Locks
  • Master Key Systems
  • Padlock
  • Keyless Entry
  • Deadlock
  • Panic Devices
  • High-Security Locks

Professional High-Security Lock Installation from Lockmaster Security Services

When you have chosen the high-security lock for your residential or commercial building, it’s time to have it installed by an expert. When you trust us to install your locks, here’s what you can expect:

  • First, the old lock system will have to be removed. The new lock may not be the same size or style of the previous one, so some new holes may have to be drilled.
  • Determining the right place to begin drilling is crucial, so your lock is able to provide the protection you desire. Drilling can begin only after carefully measuring and marking the exact spot to drill.
  • When drilling is complete, we will install your new high-security lock. When the installation is complete, your new lock will make thieves think twice about trying to break in!

Proudly Serving the Entire Las Vegas Region

At Lockmaster Security Services, we take pride in offering the highest quality locksmith services. We are certified, insured, and experienced in all aspects of door hardware and lock systems. We have a location in Las Vegas and a mobile locksmith service, so we can take care of your problem wherever you need us. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including lock repair and installation of high-security locks.

Lockmaster Security Services is a proud member of the Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA) and ClearStar. We take pride in offering the finest locksmith services to the people of the Las Vegas area.

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