Smart Locks

We Can Install a Smart Lock Keyless Entry System In Your Home or Business

You’ve probably had a keyless entry at your workplace for years. You’ve been badging into the building or storage area or using keypad locks where you enter the access code, and now that same technology is widely available for residential use. They provide not only convenience and security but extra “smart” access features like fingerprint readers to meet your personal needs.

The Range of Keyless Possibilities

image of a young woman using a Schlage smart lock on her home's front door

There’s a wide variety of attractive, easy-to-use keyless entry smart locks on the market and we can install them on your home and business doors. Shown here is a Schlage model with a digital keypad that controls the deadbolt.

A basic smart lock is a simple replacement for a mechanical key-based door lock. It uses an electronic unit which unlocks the door once you’ve entered a code. It can also operate a deadbolt. As smart home technology spreads, homeowners are choosing smart locks with advanced features. Apartment managers are also finding that smart technology is a wise investment.

Smart locks can provide keyless access with integrated functions like smartphone-based unlocking and Alexa-based voice control. Homeowners are also putting keyless locks in more locations such as garage entries, back doors, storage areas, and even outdoor sheds, thanks to Wi-Fi connections.

Your Local Keyless Entry Consultant

At Lockmaster Security Services, we’re trained and certified to install everything from a basic replacement lock to wired and wireless integrated lock systems. As a certified, insured and registered locksmith, we can handle all your Las Vegas area lock and key needs from our local shop.

Types of Keyless Lock Hardware

Most home systems use a numeric keypad or buttons, but available systems go way beyond that. You can get keypads which rotate the number buttons so that passersby who observe the pattern you press can’t use it to figure out your access code. Fingerprint-based systems provide quick, exclusive access and help if your memory for numbers isn’t always perfect. Wi-Fi-based locks integrate with your smartphone and smart home including Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Security Begins with the Installer

It’s important that you know and trust the person who secures your property and its inhabitants. As a member of Clearstar, we have access to strong background check technology for all of our employees. We’re also affiliated with ALOA, a national locksmith and security professional organization which focuses on high-quality services and professional ethics. The solid foundation of our Las Vegas locksmithing and security business is our values.

Putting Us to Work for You

We can help you no matter what your lock technology is. There are three common reasons most people call us about door locks:

  • A locksmithing emergency
  • A lock replacement, including keyless lock upgrades
  • A whole-home lock upgrade, smart home integration, or new home smart lock installation

Here When You Need Us

Just because these systems are easy to use and reliable doesn’t mean you won’t need a bit of support at times. We’re a part of the Las Vegas community and here for you. We’ll answer questions and make service calls if needed.

Quick Replacements and Upgrades

We can make a simple housecall for quick battery-operated digital door lock installation. There are a wide variety of direct keyless entry replacements for your existing lock. Our brief training lets you know how your new lock works.

Getting Started with Keyless Locks? Call Us

We can talk at your home or our shop and review your needs. The solutions we have will make your home’s access security more convenient and modern.

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