Safe Locksmith Services

Lockmaster Security Services provides expert safe locksmith services to safe owners all over the Las Vegas, NV, area. We have gun safes for sale as well as the training and experience to repair, maintain or upgrade your safe locks at your home or in our locksmith shop located on N. Rancho Dr.

Safe Systems and Common Safe Hardware

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Safes come in all sizes and configurations. Some people use simple, lightweight strongboxes to protect some of their most valuable items, while others need a fireproof safe with steel walls to keep their papers, cash and irreplaceable possessions protected at home. Responsible multi-gun owners often keep their weapons locked in large and often very heavy gun safes. We have gun safes in-stock made by Amsec, made right here in the USA. Our safes are used in Las Vegas homes for bulky items and large amounts of money, jewelry or other items.

Some safes have a bewildering variety of locking systems to keep them sealed tight. Some use very simple dial combination locks and single-bolt latches, almost like a briefcase. Others have multiple bolts sunk deep into layered metal walls that can only be opened with a valid combination, key or even biometric data, such as a fingerprint. Gun safes often have quick-unlock feature owners can get used to with a little practice, so it’s easier to do in the dark or under stress.

Safe Locksmith Services We Provide

Depending on how often you use your safe, you may need routine maintenance to keep your property secure. Repairs and maintenance routines include replacement of the bushings and bolts in a safe door, combination changes and safe lock changes. People frequently need a safe combination change after their unique combination codes are compromised, or when there’s a divorce or unauthorized access. Another good reason for a safe combination change is after a sale when you’re bringing your used safe home and need a unique combination to keep it secure.

Lockmaster Security Services provides expert safe locksmith service in and around the Las Vegas area. We can install, repair and maintain the hardware on your home or office safe or strongbox. Our locksmiths are all licensed, registered and fully insured to give you peace of mind while we work on the security system that protects your most valuable assets. We can rekey, repair, reprogram and replace the locks on your safe, and we offer honest up-front pricing and a satisfaction guarantee for all of the work that we do.

Las Vegas Gun Safe Locksmiths

We keep regular hours at our fully equipped shop on N. Rancho Dr., not far from the freeway in northern Las Vegas. Whatever kind of work you need done on your safe, you can bring it to us and either drop it off or wait for us to make the quick fix you need to be done. We also offer mobile locksmith service seven days a week to service the safe in your home, office or shop, saving you the trouble of moving it. Whether you need a safe lock change, rekeying of your safe locks or an entirely new safe lock for your system, give us a call today at (702) 647- 5625 for a free quote.

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